Everything you need to know about Under the Bed Restraints

In the medical world, under-the-bed restraints restrain patients to prevent them from injuring themselves while the doctors perform specific involuntary procedures. But in the world of fetishes, bed restraints and submission is quite an arousal for many. As un-woke as it may sound, submission and authoritative sexual acts are popular. No wonder Fifty shades of grey became so popular. While it wasn’t what introduced BDSM to society, it sure helped turn into a less hush-hush.


But why restrain?

Unlike the movie, under the bed restraints or BDSM as a broader act is not necessarily submission of the “supposedly” weak gender. Your partner or partners can choose to be restrained irrespective of gender, and it’s all just about pleasure. For a lot of people, not having their limbs at their disposal forces them to communicate clearly what they want to be done to themselves, so the sexual experience is a lot louder than subtle hints. Not touching your partner sends another wave of rush, which helps some climax at another level.


Now restraining may lead to a range of acts. For some, it’s an outlet for their inner inhibitions; for some, it’s just a way to spice things up. As the word BDSM goes:

  • Bondage: Just simply physically restraining a partner during a sexual act.
  • Dominance: Exercising control over your partner.
  • Submission: Submitting to the power of your partner.
  • Masochism: Deriving gratification from physical pain or humiliation.


So this is BDSM? Nahhh

Now bed restraints may not necessarily mean going all the way. You may as well enjoy a good bondage experience without sadomasochism or submission. Although bondage will imply your partner’s dominance, that does not necessarily mean you have to submit as well; you might as well get off on denying authority. BDSM or bed restraints do not imply that you are demeaning your partner but instead open a pandora’s box of concoctions and role play opportunities to enhance your sexual experience. For instance, one can still order things to be done to them while restrained.


Before getting into any act, one must establish trust with their partner because the under-bed restraint systems do their job of restraining quite well. However, consent and discussion are primary before getting into this. You must sit down with your partner to discuss safe words and boundaries, which should be an enthralling experience.


Why Under-the-bed restraints?

Among most BDSM restraint systems, an under-the-bed restraint is usually very easy to use, cheap and discrete. The basic structure involves restraining all limbs in four different corners. While handcuffs alone may allow some movement, a full-fledged bed-restraint system gives a higher degree of control to the partner who is not restrained. Many sex toy stores sell under-the-bed restraints that are highly adjustable, thus allowing different positions to be enacted instead of just all limbs in the four corners. Since the set-up remains mainly under the bed, they are pretty discrete and easy to bring out when in the mood.


The cuffs for most systems are pretty soft on the skin, and unlike some makeshift arrangements, they will not affect circulation. Under-bed restraint systems are not as harsh as handcuffs or rope bondage. Both require extreme caution so as not to hurt the other person. Bed restraints are user-friendly, allowing some room to avoid pain while keeping your partner in bondage.


How to set up an under-the-bed restraint system?

As mentioned earlier, it is pretty easy to set up and put away. An under-the-bed restraint consists of four handcuffs attached via straps- all the apparatus you need for the kinky fun. Just lift your mattress and lay the connected straps with the cuffs in the four corners. The lengths are adjustable for height and, well, your creativity too.


While the system’s simplicity may cause people to think of it as vanilla, it is this simplicity and flexibility that allows your creativity to run wild while still being in a safe zone.


How to choose a perfect under-the-bed restraint?

There are numerous variations of bed-restraint systems. So one must check the material of cuffs as they will contact the skin. There are also bed restraints with detachable cuffs. There are a few things one must remember.


The straps must be adjustable for easy setup. While some may want a simpler restraint, some might even go for systems with over 6 or 8 tie-down points. Such systems can be pretty intimidating and ultimately hold your partner in place, but most of these systems are more challenging to use and have less flexibility.


Many systems also come with a whistle, blindfold, or other apparatus to allow for more accessible communication or an enhanced experience. But these are primarily add-ons that one can easily curate as one wants. A go-to can try a basic setup and add to it to spice things up. A simple 4 points tie-down system is suitable for beginners, while experienced partners can add other BDSM toys to take it to the next level.


If you’re looking for under the bed restraints and other bondage sex toys check out twicetonight.com. Above all, one must discuss with their partner or partners what they want and choose systems, ranging from simple 4-point adjustable tie-down to more advanced BDSM bondage.