WiCAS Event



WiCAS 2019 Best Paper Award 

WiCAS at ICECS2019 invites submitted contributions to join the Best WiCAS paper Award competition.

Important condition: the first Author and the presenter of the paper must be a woman.



WiCAS at ICECS2019 invites you to attend the following talks:



Senior Program Manager at Facebook AI Infrastructure

Mountain View, California, USA



Fail Fast and Iterate - a Personal and Technical Journey”



This talk explores the advancements being made in the area of design, capacity, and performance for large neural networks supporting AI and AR with an emphasis on the contributions being made by extraordinary women. A few laughs - a few thought provoking stories of how technical and personal journeys led to failure and success. This talk will hopefully inspire your heart and mind to embrace the technical and personal challenges of working in highly technical fields.




Mrs. Jutta Williams is a Senior Program Manager for Facebook Artificial Intelligence (AI) Infrastructure.  Her current work focuses on how delivering safety and privacy enhancements to the technical infrastructure that supports AI, Machine Learning (ML) and Augmented Reality (AR) while still maintaining the improvement of ML tasks.  She has previously worked as a regulatory lead for Google Health, as a Chief Privacy, Security and Compliance Officer for hospital systems, and was a product manager on crypto systems programs.  She graduated with Highest distinction from Canegie Mellon University with a Masters of Science in Information Security, Policy, and Management thanks to a scholarship from Women in Technology foundation. Ms. Williams is passionate about supporting women in the sciences. She lives outside of Boulder, Colorado, is married with two dogs (beagles), is an avid painter.